December 31, 2020

Liquibase 2020 Wrap-Up

As one VC famously declared, “software is eating the world” and the pace of consumption is quickening as quality software is produced even faster by growing mainstream DevOps practices. We are proud to be part of a stack of CI/CD solutions that bring about so much goodness. And, we can’t express enough our gratitude to customers and to our community for choosing Liquibase to solve this “last mile” of rapid software development — DevOps for the database.

Despite all the disruptions and challenges of 2020, Liquibase thrived with business more than doubling during this fiscal year. Our new customer count quintupled.

New customer count

Community-driven innovation

These top-line metrics are merely lagging indicators of a whole new focus on community-driven innovation. Early in 2020, we committed to being better stewards of the Liquibase Community.  First step: listen. These frank conversations led to the following major updates and improvements:

  • Rebranded from Datical to Liquibase
  • Resolved 1000+ community support tickets and issues in our forum, StackOverflow, and in our Community chat
  • Processed 100+ community pull requests
  • Rolled out a community test harness for validating new databases and code contributions, opening the door for database partners like CockroachDB to run their own tests to ensure their database works with Liquibase
  • Launched Liquibase University with free courses and certification
  • Converted our meetups from a lecture to a roundtable format
  • Greatly expanded our certified and extensively tested database coverage from three families to 22
  • Validated numerous new DevOps integrations, including Spinnaker, Jenkins, and Docker
  • Launched Liquibase Hub, our first SaaS-based tooling that allows all Liquibase users free access to view and organize their database change activity
  • Revamped a host of internal processes to be more responsive
  • Established a productive fully remote culture akin to the distributed world of open source
  • Onboarded a host of new teammates to complement an already awesome culture

Looking ahead to 2021

We will continue listening in 2021 so that we continue to improve. Our past year’s success provides the ability to invest even faster in the items important to our customers and community.

Here’s what Liquibase users can look forward to in the first half of 2021:

  • Adding pipeline views to track changes across all environments
  • In-depth DevOps reports to help organizations better understand their CI/CD performance
  • Enhancing full integration for more automation tools
  • Even deeper and broader database and cloud support
  • More advanced Liquibase University courses
  • A complete product continuum built on the Liquibase Community foundation

Our goal is provide the best experience across Liquibase Community, Pro, Business, and Enterprise. We’ll continue to grow with the enthusiastic help of the open source community.

We’re listening! Our Liquibase community survey is open until January 15th. You can also always reach out to us directly with your feedback and ideas of how Liquibase can help you improve your database change process in 2021 and beyond.

Dion Cornett
Dion Cornett
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