March 16, 2018

2018 Community Survey

Listening to feedback from the community is a vital part of any open source project and it has frankly been a little too long since I’ve had the chance to hear the voice of those who make use of Liquibase. As I make more time to devote to the project, I’m keen to understand your perspective – if nothing else, to inform my priorities as I go through pull requests and think through additional updates.

So, without further ado, I’d like to announce the 2018 Liquibase Community Survey! Please take 5 minutes to fill out the survey and give me your thoughts on the project, how you use it, and how we can continue to improve it.

Lastly, a slightly shameless plug. In addition to founding and serving as the primary maintainer of Liquibase, my day is spent working on enterprise-grade features at Datical. The last question of the Liquibase Community Survey is a question on whether I can follow up to learn more from you. As a part of this follow-on, the team at Datical would love to connect with those of you willing to spare a half hour so they can better understand how to provide continued corporate support for this open source project while continuing to build out a commercial roadmap. So, as you are taking the community survey, I encourage you to be open to the follow-up as it only helps me and the team at Datical figure out how to best balance the needs of the open source community and the commercial market.

Thanks for your input! I’m looking forward to hearing what each of you has to say.

Nathan Voxland
Nathan Voxland
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