Datical Delivers Enterprise-Class Platform Enhancements to Bring Continuous Automation and Delivery to the Database

Datical 5 speeds software development by providing customers with a central command center that delivers enhanced database release visibility and increased developer productivity

AUSTIN, Texas – Feb. 20, 2018 – Datical, the leading provider of database release automation, today introduced Datical 5, the latest version of its enterprise-class platform for automating database releases to deliver efficiency, speed and risk reduction for database deployments. Datical brings continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) processes to the data layer, empowering enterprises to achieve a unified pipeline for application and database changes – from development to production – to deliver better customer experiences faster.

“As the DevOps market continues to mature and evolve, enterprises must look for ways to modernize and automate their software development processes – including the database, which for years has been the biggest bottleneck for innovation,” said Pete Pickerill, co-founder and VP of product strategy, Datical. “We’ve been following this transformation closely, and that’s why we’ve invested in capabilities that make it easy for application teams to include the database in their development activities while better protecting the enterprises most valuable asset – data.”

With Datical 5, developers can for the first time continuously manage and rework database code changes just as they would application code changes without having to go through a tedious and manual process. This allows for seamless and efficient collaboration across the DevOps pipeline and frees up time for development, test and database administration teams to create and deliver better application experiences faster. Additionally, Datical 5 delivers enhanced security to provide better protection of database credentials to safeguard enterprise-wide data, improve database auditability, and ensure regulatory requirements are being met.

“As DevOps has accelerated across enterprises around the world, we’ve seen a need for previously distinct teams of developers and operators to eliminate the artificial barriers between them,” said Stephen O’Grady, principal analyst, RedMonk. “Similarly, progressive organizations are recognizing that their data team should be at least as well integrated as development and operations. Datical’s latest product release is aimed at exactly this need.”

New Capabilities of Datical 5:

Real-Time Collaboration and Communication

Datical 5 enables improved communication and collaboration between development and operations teams through a collection of real-time views and dashboards that illustrate the status and velocity of database deployments. In addition, developers and data professionals have access to an intuitive management interface that makes it easy to track database changes across the release pipeline, simulate the impact of changes before they are deployed to any environment, and enforce rules to ensure audit and compliance requirements are met.

Simplified Developer Experience

Datical 5 eliminates the challenges associated with iterative database development and allows developers to simply check-in an updated version of the database code that needs rework. It is a challenge to rework database changes today because the instant a change is applied, data is added, modified, re-organized or deleted. To rework a change, DBAs must manually undo the previous change, which adds additional work to their already overburdened schedules and slows the application release process by days or weeks. Datical automatically backs-out unwanted database changes and intelligently applies the updated changes to speed the application development process.

Centralized Security

Today, managing credentials and access to database environments is an ad-hoc, high-risk process due to a lack of standardization and unified control. Datical 5 reduces this risk with a new centralized credential store to enable a safe and standard approach to managing database credentials across the enterprise. Datical 5 also gives all stakeholders appropriate access to the centralized management interface thereby enabling better data security. This makes it easy to organize users and enforce privileges for viewing deployment status or making database changes.


Datical 5 is currently available in beta and will be generally available in Q2 2018. For more information, contact us here.

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About Datical, Inc.

Datical’s mission is to transform the way businesses build software so they can deliver better customer experiences faster. Datical solutions deliver the database release automation capabilities technology executives need to get the most out of their Agile, DevOps and Continuous Delivery investments. With Datical database release automation organizations can shorten the time it takes to bring applications to market while eliminating the security vulnerabilities, costly errors, data loss and downtime often associated with current database deployment methods. For more information, visit www.datical.com, call 737-402-7187 or connect via @datical.


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