October 15, 2021

Celebrating the 1000th Course Completion for Liquibase University

The number 1000 represents new beginnings and infinite potential. In the spirit of celebrating the milestones we’ve hit since Liquibase University began and the plans we have for its future, it only seems fitting to pause, reflect and celebrate the big 1000. ?

Celebrations are more fun when gifts are involved, so we decided to surprise the lucky 1000th learner and gift them some new Liquibase swag!

Meet Prashanth Pais

Prashanth is a Principal Engineer at T-Mobile and currently lives in Nashville, TN. We had the opportunity to hop on Zoom and chat with Prashanth about his experience with both Liquibase and Liquibase University. We had a blast getting to know him!

Why he needed Liquibase

Prashanth first discovered Liquibase in early 2021 while using Teradata. “Whenever we deployed, rollbacks were challenging, so I started searching for a tool that could help us,” Prashanth said. That’s how Liquibase popped up in his research.

Since then, his team has moved from Teradata to Snowflake and because Liquibase integrated well with both, they chose to stick with using Liquibase. “Ultimately, Liquibase checked all the boxes we needed,” he said.

Why training is a big bonus

While evaluating Liquibase, Prashanth discovered Liquibase University. “Whenever I am researching a new tool, the first thing I look for is whether or not they provide training,” he said. “If there is training available, that makes me lean towards it more as opposed to spending time in the documentation. That was a really big bonus point considering Liquibase already had the training that I could jump into right away. It was one of the main reasons why I didn’t even look at some of the other tools.”

What he likes about Liquibase University courses

Prashanth is a visual learner, so he liked having both the video and text content. “I found that having more detailed text content immediately after the videos helped me better understand the information. I did not have to go back and re-read the previous content,” he said. He also appreciated how the course guides you through the material sequentially.

How Liquibase University has helped him

“The course material is well-rounded and I could immediately apply it to our day-to-day operations,” Prashanth said. He added that it’s a great way to supplement new employee onboarding and additionally, the certification can be meaningful to management and peers.

What’s next?

Prashanth is currently in the process of completing the intermediate-level course, Liquibase and the CI/CD Process. He would like to dive more into best practices with changelog management (we have a course for that!) and start working more with additional features in Liquibase.

Congratulations, Prashanth on completing your Liquibase Fundamentals certification and for being our lucky #1000! We look forward to following along with your journey in the Liquibase community!

PS: Nice Liquibase shirt, Prashanth!

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