April 13, 2023

Liquibase Delivers Enhancements to Observability and Commercial Support for MongoDB in Liquibase Pro 4.21.1

We are pleased to announce the release of Liquibase Pro 4.21.1.

With major enhancements to Liquibase’s observability and logging capabilities, commercial support for MongoDB, and a new strategic commitment for the company,  Liquibase 4.21.1 ushers in a new era of database DevSecOps.


NoSQL doesn’t have to mean NoAUTOMATION and NoGOVERNANCE. Liquibase is thrilled to announce commercial support for MongoDB. This is the first step of many towards bringing the power of Liquibase into the world of NoSQL and marks a new strategic direction and a major investment from Liquibase.

Patti Soch, CEO of Liquibase, expressed our commitment saying, “Our customers and community know that our dedication to agile automation, governance, security, and observability for database DevSecOps is unwavering. With MongoDB, we deliver the industry’s first commercially developed, enterprise-grade, DevSecOps extension for NoSQL databases. While this is the first step, it won’t be the last. We’re strengthening our commitment to helping our users solve the complexities and challenges of NoSQL environments.”

The commercial extension of MongoDB is available with a Pro license and delivers the following new features:

  • Native support for MongoSH – In the same way Liquibase supports embedded SQL scripts, it now supports embedded MongoSH scripts. This means seamless adoption with no refactoring of MongoSH scripts required.
  • MongoDB changelogs are no longer limited to XML – teams can use JSON and YAML, which allows developers to maintain a simpler, more cohesive environment.
  • Backward compatibility – for anyone already using the community version of MongoDB, the commercial version will still support the older, more complex way of implementing MongoDB changelogs.


Observability-focused “Structured Logging” is a significant change to how Liquibase logs actions and events. Rebuilt from the ground up, the new structured logging ensures relevant data is bundled together and makes these records machine-readable, easily ingested, and queryable by industry-standard observability and analysis tools, such as ElasticSearch, AWS Cloudwatch, Sematext, Splunk, and the like.

The new Liquibase logging engine is only available with a Pro license and is aimed directly at enabling teams with multiple databases to collect and aggregate their logs into their centralized observability platform. The older logging engine used in open-source Liquibase is still wonderful for debugging locally with detailed output. Still, it doesn’t scale well to a cloud environment with logs being shipped from numerous endpoints into a central observability tool. The main issues are around not printing out to a JSON format and it doesn’t connect related events by tagging them with relevant pieces of information. For example, attaching a deployment ID or a changeset ID to every log means users can now aggregate, correlate, and filter data in ways they never could before, enabling a wealth of new insights.

Structured logging delivers the high-level, cross-department database observability insights required for proper governance by Senior Leadership and teams across the enterprise.

  • IT Leaders and Architects can track strategic DevOps program metrics and drive speed and governance initiatives.
  • DBA Leaders can monitor Database DevOps operations and coordinate and manage actions and issues in concert with broader DevOps programs.
  • DevOps Engineers can easily monitor and ensure proper governance of database operations.
  • Application Teams can review changes and rollbacks as well as monitor and optimize their team’s operational performance

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If you’re not quite convinced yet, watch this webinar on-demand, “Automate MongoDB: Build Successful CI/CD in the Cloud” to learn how Liquibase can help you solve some of the toughest database DevSecOps challenges for NoSQL.

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