February 7, 2024

[Release] Liquibase Pro 4.26.0 enhances flexibility, control & observability

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With our newest version of Liquibase Pro, we’re giving you more flexibility and control over your database change management pipelines. With great power comes great responsibility – so we’ve also added features that improve pipeline visibility to guide and inform your decisions. By improving your observability capabilities, you can unlock new insights, monitor delivery performance, and enhance security.

More flexibility & control: make your pipeline work for you

Liquibase Pro comes with powerful features that let you standardize workflows and adhere to code standards to ensure compliance and enforce governance. To give you even more flexibility and control, we’ve added more powerful logic to two of our most popular advanced features: Quality Checks and Flows.

Quality Checks

Quality Checks automatically analyze your ChangeLogs to ensure they match your desired format and behavior. By running Quality Checks and adding them to your deployment pipeline, you can increase deployment success rates and uphold security best practices.

You can use regex to define patterns for Quality Checks to execute, but crafting regex for complex patterns can prove to be complicated and difficult to execute. With Liquibase Pro 4.26.0, we’ve added four advanced patterns that Quality Checks can detect and execute, without having to write the complicated regex. Just supply the patterns and Quality Checks will link and execute them. The supported patterns are: 

  • PatternAFollowedByPatternB: Check if Pattern A is followed by Pattern B.
  • PatternANotFollowedByPatternB: Check if Pattern A is not followed by Pattern B.
  • PatternAPrecededByPatternB: Check if Pattern A is preceded by Pattern B.
  • PatternANotPrecededByPatternB: Check if Pattern A is not preceded by Pattern B.


Flows allow you to orchestrate database change workflows and best practices across teams and projects for instant and consistent deployments. These multi-step workflows help you standardize best practices, simplify actions, and improve governance and control.

To help you create more nuanced and powerful workflows that are easier to reuse and manage, we’ve added more advanced logic conditionals in Liquibase Pro 4.26.0. 

Prior to this release, you could only create workflows that check whether a specific variable is true or false to selectively execute stages and actions. Now, you can use AND, OR, and NOT logic options, in single or grouped conditions, as well as substring matching and checking if a key exists. With this new logic, you can create flexible criteria for your flow files that are easier to reuse and manage across the changing needs of multiple products and teams in your organization. Here are just a few examples of what you can do:

if: ${KEY} == ${VALUE} && ${KEY2} != ${VALUE2}
if: ((a=true && b=true) || c=false) && d=true
if: startswith("${MYSTRING}", "FOO")
if: endswith(${MYVAR}, "FOO")if: CONTAINS("${VAR}", "FOO"if: (key != `null`)

Database observability: increase your pipeline visibility

A cornerstone of database DevOps, database observability unveils the process metrics you need to fuel continuous improvement.


Over the past few releases, we’ve focused on bringing you easy-to-read, shareable reports of operations you perform on your database. These reports give insights into the status of your database and can help you quickly find and resolve errors, detect patterns in your pipelines, and collaborate with your team. 

Drift Reports help you identify, share, and remediate object differences in your databases quickly and easily. Update Reports allow you to understand and share the latest changes made to your database and dive deeper into execution details. With our newest release, Checks Run Reports, you can see which Quality Checks have run and analyze their results by viewing details by ChangeSet, check, and database. 

Read our operation reports docs to learn more.

Get started today

Ready to try it out? Download 4.26.0 for more flexibflexibility, control, and observability. If you want to learn more, request a demo to see how you can use our latest features to extend DevOps best practices to the database.

Jaclyn Iulianetti
Jaclyn Iulianetti
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