Liquibase 4.1 Released

October 4, 2020

Liquibase 4.1 is now available. Here’s a closer look at what’s included in the latest release.

Liquibase v4.1 connects local Liquibase operations to Liquibase Hub

This release powers Liquibase Hub, now available in Beta. This free, secure SaaS portal provides status reporting, monitoring, and insights into your Liquibase database release automation. Learn more about Liquibase Hub Beta.

New commands

  • registerChangeLog — This interactive CLI command registers the specified changelog to a Project in your Liquibase Hub organization. You can create a Project from the CLI, or choose one already created.
  • synchub — Synchronizes your local DATABASECHANGELOG table with its Liquibase Hub counterpart.

New concepts

  • Organizations — An Organization in Hub is the overall collection of all the elements used in the Liquibase Hub system. This includes Projects, changelogs and their changesets, connections, Operation reports, and your team members. A user can have more than one Organization and be in more than one Organization.
  • Projects — A Project in Liquibase Hub is the structured collection of the resources used by Liquibase Open Source or Liquibase Pro 4.1+. This includes changelogs, changesets, connections (e.g., JDBC URLs) and the commands run on these elements included in reports.
  • Operation reports — These reports include data sent from Liquibase Open Source or Liquibase Pro when it performs various commands on a registered changelog.
  • Liquibase Hub user — A person who has an account in Liquibase Hub and controls one or more API Keys.
  • Liquibase Hub API key — This key connects your Liquibase usage to specific Hub Organizations. A user can use one or more API keys in each organization. Users add the API key to their or Maven POM.

Read the Liquibase Hub documentation

Check out the documentation on how to get started with Liquibase Hub.

Get involved

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