November 8, 2022

Introducing Amazon S3 Access on Liquibase Pro

As an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, Liquibase has a strong history of supporting the AWS Cloud and its tools. Currently, Liquibase Pro integrates with the AWS Cloud to manage database changes across a number of databases within an existing continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines. And now, Liquibase Pro provides integration with Amazon S3 to support your Database CI/CD pipelines with added simplicity, centralization, and governance.

How It Works

Liquibase workflows can include files such as changelogs, snapshots, SQL files, files, native executor configuration files, checks settings configuration files, and flow files. By leveraging the secure, file-based storage of S3 in tandem with Liquibase Pro, you’re able to build a reusable repository of Liquibase files, while securely managing database changes. Using this combination of Liquibase Pro with remote S3 files removes the need for all developers to have local copies of Liquibase files, which ensures files are always accurate.

Why Choose S3 + Liquibase Pro?

Added Simplicity: This pairing allows you to seamlessly read from and write to S3 natively.

Centralized configuration: Put your approved Liquibase artifacts where they need to be to support all of your projects.

Improve Security and Governance: Liquibase Pro ensures the right people, processes, and tools have access to the correct files in your CI/CD pipeline, while also enforcing separation of duties and control due to the granular permissions in S3 on AWS.

Get Started with S3 + Liquibase Pro

Now that you know how the integration works, and the benefits it provides, here’s what you’ll need to get started.

Liquibase Pro and S3 extension

Configure your AWS keys via environment variables or AWS configuration files. This includes the following:


Depending on how your S3 organization is set up, there might be additional items like session tokens, etc. For the full tutorial, watch the video demo.

You can find additional information on how to set up S3 with Liquibase in our S3 integration docs.  And for additional help getting started, view our guide to Liquibase Pro on the AWS Cloud.

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