June 6, 2024

6x Top Rated in 2024! Liquibase tops TrustRadius database & development software categories

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Liquibase is proud to announce recognition from TrustRadius with 2024 Top Rated awards across six unique database and development software categories:

  1. Build Automation
  2. Release Management
  3. Version Control
  4. Database Management
  5. DevOps
  6. Database DevOps

Our Product, Engineering, Customer Success, and every other team work diligently to bring the latest database DevOps capabilities to market – but really, we’re here to thank you. It’s feedback like yours that makes this kind of recognition possible.

“I am grateful to the thousands of users who have helped us build this incredibly powerful product over the years,” says CEO Patti Soch. “With the advantage of a thriving community and a highly talented engineering team, we continue to help our customers accelerate their growth.”

With the database automation market forecasted to triple in size over the next five years, we’re inspired to see database and data pipeline change management automation connecting more teams and enhancing more data-driven organizations than ever before. 

“While we continue to relentlessly strengthen Liquibase's core set of capabilities, we’re also exploring more ways to make application and data engineering teams’ lives easier,” says VP of Product Loreli Cadapan (ex-Oracle, JFrog, MIT). “More data has been created in the last couple years than in the prior ten – we’re going to help teams get the most of it as efficiently, securely, and cost-effectively as possible.”

It’s been two decades of database DevOps innovations with more than 100 million downloads, and there’s so much more to come. 

For now, here’s a look at how Liquibase excels in its Top Rated categories. 

Build automation

Build automation tools help teams develop and release software more quickly by standardizing and automating software build tasks. These tools automate various phases to make them easily repeatable, predictable, reliable, and measurable. The primary goal of build automation tools is to reduce cost, time, and errors associated with traditionally human-managed build processes. Key features typically include source code and build management, integration with IDEs, parallel testing with build execution, and dependency management.

Joined by leading platforms like GitLab, Azure DevOps, and Jenkins, Liquibase brings database representation to the category’s Top Rated. Within the integrated CI/CD pipeline, Liquibase streamlines database updates, reduces errors, and ensures a unified, efficient workflow for database, application development, and DevOps teams.

Learn more about Liquibase’s database deployment automation.

Release management

Release management tools oversee the planning, scheduling, and controlling of software builds throughout the development and deployment stages. They ensure a streamlined, reliable, and repeatable release process, minimizing disruptions and enhancing stability and availability. This includes integrating changes, testing, deployment, and production release.

Liquibase’s release management capabilities empower teams to manage database changes as efficiently as application updates. By automating database deployments and integrating with CI/CD pipelines, Liquibase reduces manual interventions, accelerates release cycles, and ensures consistency across environments. This results in fewer errors, quicker deployments, and a more reliable release process.

Learn more about Liquibase’s application release automation. 

Version control

Only two of more than 50 products received Top Rated status in version control software: GitLab and Liquibase. As one of our core and most-used capabilities, database version control is synonymous with Liquibase. 

“Version control is only one part of Liquibase’s powerful database DevOps platform, but as the most common entry point, it’s arguably the most transformative to the way teams manage their databases,” says VP of Engineering Kristyl Gomes. “And by introducing organizations to database DevOps, it unlocks a world of value by modernizing data and development pipelines.”

Version control software manages, tracks, and records changes to software code, enabling development teams to collaborate on projects efficiently. It provides a history of code changes, allowing developers to revert to previous versions, resolve conflicts, and ensure code integrity. Key features of version control software for application developers include code branching, merging, conflict resolution, and integration with development tools and platforms. 

When treating database change as code, version control can be extended to database change management for similar benefits. Liquibase integrates version control for database changes within CI/CD pipelines, ensuring that database schema updates are versioned and tracked just like application code. This database versioning underscores a powerful set of advanced automation, governance, and observability features including quality (policy) checks, database rollbacks, drift monitoring, deployment reports, and more. 

Learn more about Liquibase’s database version control.

Database management

Out of 183 product listings on TrustRadius, Liquibase achieves #1 on the Top Rated database management systems (DBMS) list. 

Database management systems facilitate the management, organization, storage, and optimization of data within databases. Key features include performance monitoring, diagnostics, data migration, integration, replication, and security. They also provide analytics, reporting, and productivity tools to improve database application development and maintenance.

Liquibase enhances database management by automating database schema changes, ensuring version control, and integrating seamlessly with CI/CD pipelines. This helps teams manage database changes efficiently, reduces errors, and maintains consistency while also unlocking observability. Beyond automation and governance, Liquibase brings change operation monitoring and workflow analytics so teams can elevate not just database changes themselves, but the entire change management process. 

Learn more about Liquibase’s database change management. 


DevOps tools are designed to enhance collaboration between software development and IT operations teams. These tools streamline workflows by automating processes, facilitating continuous delivery, and improving monitoring and collaboration. Key features often include integration, automation, lifecycle management, and performance monitoring to ensure efficient, high-quality software delivery.

Liquibase brings database change management into the DevOps ecosystem by automating the process and integrating it with CI/CD pipelines. In doing so, Liquibase spawned the spinoff category of database DevOps. 

Learn more about how Liquibase’s automation, governance, and observability capabilities empower DevOps best practices to enable database CI/CD.

Database DevOps

At Liquibase, we proudly wear the crown of the leading database DevOps software and persistent first position on TrustRadius’s annual Top Rated lists. 

“Database DevOps is at the foundation of Liquibase’s past, present, and future,” explains VP of Customer Success Ryan Campbell (ex-CloudBees Jenkins, Red Hat). “These principles always propel us – from our beginnings as a simple version control tool, to our growth into a comprehensive database DevOps solution, and our future as a must-have platform for the entire data pipeline.”

Database DevOps tools focus on integrating database changes into the DevOps process, enabling database CI/CD. These tools help automate and manage database changes, ensuring consistency and reliability across development, testing, and production environments. Key features include version control, automated deployments, monitoring, and integration with CI/CD pipelines.

Liquibase stands out in the Database DevOps category with powerful capabilities for automation, governance, compliance, and observability of change management. From traditional database-application workflows to modern data pipelines for business intelligence and artificial intelligence, Liquibase enhances flexibility, control, and collaboration to improve the value and efficiency of the organization’s data stores while safeguarding compliance and security. 

Learn more about Liquibase’s approach to database DevOps

Check out Liquibase on TrustRadius to learn why we’re also perennial “Best of” winners. 

About TrustRadius

TrustRadius is a buyer intelligence platform for business technology that enables buyers to make confident decisions through comprehensive product information, in-depth customer insights, and peer conversations. Since 2016, the TrustRadius Top Rated Awards have become the B2B’s industry standard for unbiased recognition of excellent technology products. Based entirely on customer feedback, they have never been influenced by analyst opinion or status as a TrustRadius customer. Here is a detailed criteria breakdown of the methodology and scoring that TrustRadius uses to determine TopRated winners.

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