Speed in CI/CD: Get Faster to Get Better

October 15, 2020

October 15, 2020

Our Panel of Experts

Dan Zentgraf
Dan Zentgraf
Product Manager, Liquibase

Covered in this Webinar:


Speed is central to discussions of the benefits of CI/CD. Too often, speed is presented as the goal of CI/CD. That’s not entirely true. Speed is exciting, but by itself, it is just expensive. Speed is valuable because of the things that it brings with it. In every instance where people pursue speed, they have to systematically simplify, lighten, and improve the thing they are trying to make fast.

This webinar dives into what the pursuit of speed brings to DevOps and CI/CD so that you can break through the hype and truly improve your software process. It’s not about speed for the sake of speed; it’s about eliminating needless complexity and adding smart automation. Now that we’re living in a COVID world, more companies are focusing on speed and will leave those that aren’t far behind.

Covered in this Webinar

  • Speed vs. Acceleration and what the means for your CI/CD pipeline
  • Technical benefits of CI/CD
  • Continuous improvement - What your team can do to get better at CI/CD
  • Measuring and analyzing trends over time