How to reduce risk with automated policy enforcement

June 27, 2024

11:00 AM CT

Enforce best practices and ensure data quality with database CI automation with Liquibase

June 27, 2024

Our Panel of Experts

Jennifer Lewis
Jennifer Lewis
Sales Engineer, Liquibase
Mario Champion
Mario Champion
Product Manager, Liquibase

Covered in this Webinar:

Database change errors can result in more than merge failures and broken builds. Code that doesn’t adhere to best practices, breaks compliance, or incorrectly enters data into your system can have downstream effects that cost you time and money.

Liquibase Pro’s Quality Checks allow you to define and enforce code standards and best practices to ensure compliance and data quality. By using Quality Checks to ensure correct nomenclature, patterns, and labels, you can be confident that data is entered correctly into your system to avoid future downtime and errors impacting BI and other downstream data reliant services. 

Join Mario Champion, Product Manager at Liquibase, and Jenn Lewis, Sr. Technical Sales Engineer at Liquibase, in this webinar to learn how to…

  • Bring continuous integration to the database with Quality Checks
  • Enforce best practices, standards, and policies
  • Ensure data quality and availability in NoSQL databases including DynamoDB

Jenn will then share a live demo of Quality Checks, including a sneak peek into a new feature coming soon that makes it easier than ever to create custom policy checks to fit your needs.

At the end of the webinar, Jenn and Mario will save time for Q&A to answer all of your questions. Can’t attend live? Register anyway to get the recording.

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