In the journey to speed up application releases, the database is quickly becoming the next frontier. No longer an afterthought and eventual bottleneck, innovative companies are finding effective ways to bring the database and DevOps together that substantially improves their development and operations.

DBTA highlighted these companies in its 2020 “Database DevOps Innovation Awards” and is now hosting a special webinar to let you hear their stories directly. Watch this special webinar featuring:

  • Russell Webster, VP and Senior Manager, Delivery Tools, and Services of Zions Bancorporation
  • Chris Yates, Microsoft Data Platform MVP and Director-at-Large of PASS
  • John O’Brien, Principal Analyst, and CEO, Radiant Advisors

Learn how you can enable your teams to work with greater collaboration and agility in improving the coordination of application delivery and database change management through new technologies, practices, and processes.