Achieving Full Stack DevOps at Colonial Life

October 30, 2020

Customer Story
October 30, 2020

Our Panel of Experts

Colette Casey
Colette Casey
Architect, Colonial LIfe

Covered in this Webinar


This webinar highlights the transformation Colonial Life made in bringing DevOps to the entire software stack. In addition, the presentation focuses on the critical role that data and the database play in modern software delivery and the tools Colonial Life used to create their Database DevOps process.

Colette Casey breaks down how application releases work at Colonial Life, how database releases used to work, and how she advocated for Agile practices across the entire stack.

There are a lot of great gems in this webinar about which tools Colonial Life uses across their modern continuous integration process that allowed them to go from three (very painful) manual releases per year to seven automated releases per year.

What you’ll learn:

  • The blockers organizations face despite an Agile application development process
  • How to bring DevOps automation to the entire software stack
  • The tools used to support Database DevOps
  • The benefits of automating and validating app deployment with database changes to keep everything in-sync