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Every enterprise wants the flexibility and agility of cloud applications. But what do you do if you have a critical legacy application using legacy database systems? How do you modernize your software testing and delivery systems to keep up?

The answer is definitely not to re-platform and rewrite that monolithic application. That’s way too expensive and impractical. The shortcut to speed and agility: Bring DevOps and automation to the entire software stack.

What you’ll get

This white paper explores the struggle that large enterprises are currently experiencing to keep up with their more nimble competition, putting a spotlight on the shortcut many of these organizations don’t know exists yet.

A real world example

Learn about the journey of a large financial services company with a set of over 50 critical, revenue-generating applications that relies on a shared set of databases. They were struggling with their application release process.

The shortcut to modernizing software testing and delivery

After a major production deployment failure, they decided to implement this shortcut to accelerated software delivery to achieve the benefits of cloud-like agility despite their complex multi-application, monolithic database system architecture.

Learn more about getting the cloud-like agility your organization is looking for with tools for release orchestration, database release automation, and data masking and virtualization.