Filling the Data Gap in DevOps

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How Liquibase Enterprise and Delphix Accelerate the Journey to Digital Transformation

Today, provisioning, versioning, and aligning data to database code is still a manual process that adds considerable friction to application projects and slows the pace of innovation. There are many reasons to address the automation of data and database schema management. For organizations taking a DevOps approach and considering continuous integration and delivery, it’s crucial to fill the data gap.

What to expect

This paper highlights the challenges companies face when managing data for application projects and how companies can accelerate their goals for digital transformation by refocusing attention on the data gap.

Download this white paper to understand how Liquibase Enterprise and Delphix fill this data gap and provide results, including:

  • Faster development
  • Higher test integrity
  • Less contention and fewer conflicts
  • Easier production hotfixes

You’ll also get a technology overview of Delphix and Liquibase Enterprise (formerly Datical), so you’ll understand how each fits into the application release workflow. While many IT teams have been successful in automating many manual processes in modern software development, the same has not been true for the data underpinning the system.