The Business Case for DevOps

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Businesses must build a strong DevOps business case to get funding and alignment to enable a transformation.

How is DevOps impacting the business?

Teams can only progress and perform as quickly as IT enables them to. These days, technology is a major point of differentiation for any company. In response, as a growing number of organizations look to increase agility and performance in their IT departments, one movement is changing the way two teams (development and operations) have traditionally collaborated: DevOps.

Despite being the industry buzzword of the year (well, maybe third after “containers” and “big data”), there is a lot of confusion over what DevOps means and how organizations can take advantage of the movement.

Consider this white paper as a good resource to help you learn more about how DevOps approaches are helping application development and DBA teams impact the business by:

  • Increasing operating income
  • Protecting revenue
  • Improving cash flow

If you haven’t already begun to evaluate where your team should start with DevOps, now is the time. You and your business can’t afford to wait.