9 Recommendations for Mastering Database Compliance & Governance in Agile Environments

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As the rate of enterprise Agile adoption continues to increase, the focus of the change management process has shifted from risk mitigation and compliance to an emphasis on the speed of delivery.

While Agile is great for meeting the needs of the business, many database professionals find themselves in the unenviable position of trying to support accelerating release cycles while maintaining their best practices in database compliance and governance – all of which is currently being done using manual systems. The work is piling up and increasingly exposes the database platform to risk.

In this white paper, we provide recommendations for database teams on how to modernize and adapt their compliance and governance processes to complement Agile workflows, including:

  • The types of data to collect during database deployments that will satisfy audit requests faster and more efficiently
  • How to reduce management overhead associated with database compliance and governance
  • How to automate SQL validation to support your governance policies and dramatically increase the database team’s productivity