The ROI of Automating Database Deployments

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Manual database deployment processes flood DBAs with requests to create, review, and deploy database changes. This tedious database deployment process creates a constraint, preventing teams from quickly releasing new innovations to market. Pushing DBAs to manually review changes faster only proves to create costly errors and vulnerabilities that result in downtime.

Covered in this white paper

Read a case study about a shared services group at a Fortune 50 financial institution, where the DBA team ended up spending 70% of its time manually deploying database changes. By introducing database release automation with Liquibase, they saw marked improvement:

  • Reduced the Database team’s workload by 80%
  • Cut annual operating expenses by more than $7 million
  • Reduced their SLA for database deployments with QA/Test by 95%
  • Created an automated database deployment pipeline to increase productivity and reduce operating expenses for new applications