Bringing Databases Into the DevOps Fold

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Using DevOps Tools and Techniques to Accelerate Database-Driven Projects

Businesses that are striving to maximize their DevOps potential must evolve their traditional database design, modification, management, and provisioning process. If teams don’t adapt to database DevOps practices, delays are inevitable since everyone is forced to wait for DBAs to review and rework database schema changes.

DevOps is all about fast iteration and rapid deployments. For DevOps to be a true success, teams must leverage automation as much as possible to remove time-consuming manual steps from the delivery pipeline. The database is often a stumbling block when it comes to achieving complete DevOps success since databases have historically been treated as separate entities from the development process and siloed into their own world of change management.

Database changes must become part of the DevOps process to achieve the agility required by today’s businesses. Failure to integrate database change processes as part of a DevOps practice will slow down projects, preventing the use of DevOps practices to achieve desired shorter iterations and faster releases.

Learn how to bring the database into the DevOps fold for your organization.