Speed up your software delivery while reducing risk & your database team’s workload

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Improved Security

It’s vital to shift left to catch errors sooner — especially when it comes to databases. Liquibase significantly reduces errors.

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Increased Efficiency

Manual tasks slow teams down. Liquibase automates tedious database script reviews and reduces rework.

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Faster Releases

Modernizing processes increases the number of releases. Liquibase helps get important features into the hands of users faster.

Applying DevOps principles and automation to our database processes is vital to our product delivery strategy. The work we have done in this area helps us standardize our overall release process, reduces human errors, and improves code quality. That means we are able to deliver innovation to our customers faster with reduced operational cost and risk.

Russell Webster VP and Senior Manager of Delivery Tools & Services

Over 75 million downloads and a worldwide open source community

From large federal agencies and banks to local agencies and universities — teams around the world rely on Liquibase

Top Benefits for Government Organizations

Faster Time to Deploy = Faster Time to Value

Track, version, and deploy database code with the velocity to match your application code so you can collaborate easier and deliver faster. According to DORA, elite DevOps performers are 3.4 times more likely to incorporate database change management into their process than low performers.

Secure & Compliant Databases

Liquibase empowers teams to integrate automated security practices into their DevOps process from the get-go — ensuring quality, accountability, and compliance. Data is safer and organizations reduce the risks associated with making database changes.

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Increased Team Bandwidth

Manual database script reviews and rework take a lot of time and resources. Liquibase significantly reduces the workload for database teams by automating processes and reducing the need for rework by as much as 91%.

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Professional Support & Enablement

Liquibase offers more than just an open source tool with a large community. Our team of experts is passionate about partnering with you to set your database process up for success. Liquibase University offers free courses as well as certification.

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Open Source Tool that Integrates with (Literally) Everything

No vendor lock-in here. Liquibase is an open source, database independent tool that integrates with the tools that you already use (or will use in the future). It’s designed to play well with everything you’ve got going on in your pipeline so you can test and experiment quickly.

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CI/CD for Databases

How to Bring Database Changes into Your CI/CD Pipeline

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