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Multiple script formats

Supports SQL, XML, YAML, and JSON.

Generate SQL scripts

Automatically generate SQL script output for review.

Targeted rollbacks

Precisely undo one change or an entire set of changes safely and easily.


Works with Maven, Gradle, Ant, Jenkins, TravisCI, Spring and more.

Stored logic

Handle more types of schema changes with enhanced stored logic capabilities.

Automatic drift detection

Automatically detect differences between database schemas using JSON output.

SQL Plus integration

Use more complex SQL queries with native SQL Plus execution.

Database release automation

Automatically control what, when, and where database changes are deployed.

Detailed status views

View your database release pipeline and the steps along the way.

Deployment & rollback reporting

A full report about your database deployments and rollbacks.

Database deployment dashboard

Monitor the status of every database deployment across the enterprise on a centralized dashboard with LDAP integration.

Implementation guide

Access to detailed guides and step-by-step videos for implementing database CI/CD at any pace.

Database code packager

Package database and app code together to easily enable end-to-end database continuous deployment.

Automatic database recovery

Automatically revert a database in your CI/CD environment to its last known good state.

Database change forecasting

Understand the impact of database changes before they’re deployed.

Rules enforcement

Ensure database standards and compliance requirements are being met with the database rules engine.

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“Liquibase is like Git for databases.”

Cloud Architect

“We can’t afford any bottlenecks in our CI/CD process. [Liquibase Enterprise] helps us bring automation to the operations side of DevOps, clearing the path from development to production for the entire application, including the database.”

Devon Siegfried Database Architect at Radial