Given the opportunity for human error, manually tracking SQL script execution across all environments is not an ideal approach. Liquibase simplifies database auditing and deployment monitoring by automatically tracking and reporting on the status of every database deployment across the enterprise with easy to use database deployment monitoring tools.

Make database auditing easy. Eliminate manual deployment tracking and errors

Manually tracking SQL script execution across all of the environments in a SDLC is not an ideal approach. Add in database deployment automation and the task becomes difficult if not impossible. Liquibase Enterprise collects detailed information about every database deployment it performs and automatically logs it to a centralized database, eliminating the human error inherent in manual entry. 

Easy, on-demand access to deployment Information

Liquibase presents database deployment information in a series of analytical reports and dashboard views making it easy to keep tabs on the deployment results. Stakeholders across the enterprise can quickly identify what changes have been made, what changes are pending and what errors, warnings or rules violations have occurred and ensure database standards are met across all projects and pipelines in their purview. Easily get on-demand access to database deployment information with the database deployment monitoring console. 


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