May 10, 2022

TrustRadius Recognizes Liquibase with 6 Top Rated Awards

Winning any award is an achievement in its own right. However, winning the same award two years in a row is a testament to the consistency and quality of the work being done. Liquibase is thrilled and humbled to announce that we have won the TrustRadius “Top Rated” award for the second consecutive year. Not only that, but Liquibase won “Top Rated” across six different categories: Database DevOps, Version Control, Database Management, Build Automation, DevOps, Release Management!

“Liquibase has won Top Rated Awards in many categories, including Database DevOps, Version Control, and Database Management. These awards are based directly on customer feedback and help software buyers make better-purchasing decisions by highlighting products that provide high levels of customer satisfaction.”

Megan Headley, VP of Research at TrustRadius

The TrustRadius “Top Rated” award is particularly meaningful to us here at Liquibase, because it is based entirely on excellent customer reviews and satisfaction ratings; there is no paid placement, and analyst opinions do not influence the rankings. To qualify, a product must have 10 or more recent reviews and a “trScore” of 7.5 or higher, indicating above-average satisfaction for business technology. We take great satisfaction in providing a product that meets and exceeds the needs and expectations of our users and it is truly humbling to know that our users value our product enough to take the time to leave positive reviews and ratings on TrustRadius.

Here’s a quick break-down of the categories that Liquibase achieved “Top Rated”

Database DevOps:

  • Database DevOps is a subcategory within the DevOps space which focuses on tools that apply the DevOps cycle to databases specifically, and have feature sets that are more fine-tuned. Database DevOps products can help with automating CI/CD for databases, database version control, and detecting database drift. This category currently features 15 companies, including the likes of Flyway and DBMaestro.

Version Control:

  • Version control software manages, tracks, and records changes to software code. It enables software development teams to collaborate on projects and make changes to the same code. This category currently features 33 companies, including the likes of Github and Gitlab.

Database Management:

  • Database management systems include tools for the management, collection, organization, storage, utilization, and optimization of data within your database. These products support a variety of databases, such as SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. This category currently features 77 companies, including the likes of RedGate, Solarwinds, and Oracle.

Build Automation:

  • Software build processes are often repetitive, and thus prime candidates for automation. By automating tedious work, build automation tools help teams work faster and with more flexibility. This category currently features 60 companies, including the likes of Maven, Gradle, and Gitlab.


  • The aim of DevOps tools is to increase communication between the development and operations teams and improve the quality, quantity, and speed of planning, building, testing, and deploying their applications so that improvement is continuous. This category currently features 81 companies, including the likes of Azure DevOps Services, Jira, and Jenkins.

Release Management:

  • While release management tools address development, testing, deployment, and support of software released, they are generally more comprehensive and focus on the overall release process. This category currently features 48 companies, including the likes of Jira, Cloudbees, and Chef.

“It is amazing to be recognized in this way by TrustRadius as a result of the reviews from our customers. Our team has been working tirelessly to create value for our customers and these awards show that effort is not going unnoticed. We take pride in helping some of the world’s most successful companies deliver database changes faster and safer. This recognition inspires us to push even harder to ensure that we are providing the best, most powerful, and easiest to use Database DevOps solution in the market.”

Patti Soch, CEO of Liquibase

While this award is an encouraging indication that we are succeeding in our mission, it’s also a motivation for the team behind the product to keep delivering! We want to take this opportunity to thank all of our users from the bottom of our hearts, and to assure them that we will continue listening to feedback and working hard to provide a product that meets their needs and exceeds their expectations.

About TrustRadius:

TrustRadius helps technology buyers make better decisions and helps vendors tell their unique stories, improve conversion, engage high-intent buyers, and gain customer insights. Each month, over one million B2B technology buyers, over 50% from large enterprises, use verified reviews and ratings on to make informed purchasing decisions. Headquartered in Austin, TX, TrustRadius was founded by successful entrepreneurs and is backed by Mayfield Fund, LiveOak Venture Partners, and Next Coast Ventures.

About Liquibase:

Liquibase helps teams release software faster and safer by bringing the database change process into existing CI/CD automation. Without automation, CI/CD fails at the database.

Tedious manual database change reviews and deployments slow the pace of software releases. Liquibase delivers the repeatable process teams need to easily create, validate, trace, and audit database changes from development through production — reducing security risks and costly errors that often happen when manually making changes to the database.

Using Liquibase helps teams identify and resolve issues early in the process — when they are much cheaper and easier to fix

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