June 15, 2023

SingleStore Liquibase Integration Unleashes the Power of Database Change Management

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We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with SingleStore, an industry leader in distributed SQL-based database management systems. Let’s explore the advantages of integrating Liquibase, your trusted open-source tool for database schema changes, with SingleStoreDB.

Known for its exceptional performance, scalability, and efficiency, SingleStoreDB supports transactional and analytical workloads. When paired with Liquibase, application teams can bring Singlestore into their CI/CD workflow to enable collaboration and accelerate application delivery.

Frictionless database management with Liquibase and SingleStore

SingleStore and Liquibase integration for database release automation

Merging the agility of Liquibase in tracking and managing database schema changes with SingleStore’s superior data processing speed creates an all-inclusive solution that empowers developers, increases collaboration, and offers unmatched scalability to meet evolving business demands. We’re excited to see how this transformative integration will reshape the landscape of database management and software development.

With Liquibase and SingleStore working together, you can:

Accelerate application delivery

Liquibase and SingleStore streamline database schema management, using SingleStore’s high-speed data processing and Liquibase’s schema version control to speed up software development and cut costs.

Reduce risk, increase confidence

Liquibase’s automated quality checks, coupled with SingleStore’s dependable data processing, ensure a stable development environment, boosting confidence among development teams and ensuring high-quality application maintenance.

Improve visibility and control

This integration, using our observability features with dashboarding and SingleStore’s real-time data processing, improves visibility and control over database schema changes, promoting efficient decision-making and smooth operations.

Standardize for consistency

Liquibase’s broad database support and SingleStore’s unifying data platform together encourage a standardized way to manage database schemas during the unification journey. This consistency fosters better collaboration, adaptability, and application quality.

Integrate SingleStore with your existing tools

Liquibase brings SingleStore into your favorite CI/CD platform. Liquibase integrates easily with popular CI/CD tools, enabling organizations to harness the power of this collaboration without disrupting existing development workflows.

How Does The SingleStore Integration Work?

The SingleStoreDB extension works like the various other Liquibase extensions. Simply drop it into your environment, configure your JDBC URL, and you are off and running. For the detailed steps, see our documentation on Using Liquibase with SingleStoreDB.

See how this powerful integration streamlines your database change management using a data engine that unifies transactional and analytical workloads. Get started with the extension or chat with our team to see how Liquibase can help you deliver faster and safer with Database DevOps.

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