June 29, 2023

It’s now easier to contribute to Liquibase

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Community is core to what makes Liquibase successful. So, we’re making it easier to participate with a centralized source of information for getting involved. Today, we’re thrilled to announce the debut of contribute.liquibase.com – and to show you the many ways you can contribute to the Liquibase open-source project.

As a leading open-source database version control tool, Liquibase ensures efficient schema change management for software teams across the globe. This new website offers comprehensive resources, how-to guides, and community support designed to help everyone, from novices to experts, navigate the process of contributing to Liquibase’s transformative project.

If you’re passionate about evolving database technology and eager to leave your mark on an industry-leading open-source project, we invite you to dive in and become part of the Liquibase story.

Share your Liquibase expertise

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For many open-source projects, “contribute” is a synonym for “send a pull request”. At Liquibase, however, we know the community’s contributions go well beyond that.

Sharing your Liquibase experience helps others understand more about Liquibase and learn how they can apply it to their projects and challenges.

You can also lend your brain power to support others on the discussion and Q&A sites frequented by Liquibase users.

Contribute code

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For professionals looking to help on the coding side, head to the Code section to submit a bug fix or enhancement. This realm covers everything you need whether you’re opening your first pull request or looking to understand the overall Liquibase architecture for a complex change.

Extend Liquibase or integrate it into another tool

The final section is on Extensions and Integrations. This space contains a directory of the available extensions and how-to guides to extend Liquibase functionality.

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Some of the most popular extension guides are:

If you want to embed Liquibase in your software, check out the Liquibase integration guides to get started with explanations and code samples.

Join us!

This new site will be an invaluable resource for anyone interested in contributing to Liquibase and the evolution of database DevOps. We’re committed to making Liquibase a tool that’s easy to use and customize, so we welcome all feedback and contributions from the community. We hope that the new site will help us continue to grow and improve Liquibase for years to come.

Nathan Voxland
Nathan Voxland
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