Datical Continues Rapid Expansion

Consistent adoption of Datical’s database deployment solutions drives top-line growth

Austin, Texas – August 10, 2016 – Datical, the leading provider of agile database automation solutions, continued its surging growth in the first half of 2016. Both adoption by new customers and expanded business with current customers drove increases in revenue, workforce and product investment.

Most notably, Datical has seen a 130 percent year-to-date rise in subscription revenue in 2016.

The company has grown its workforce by more than 50 percent over the same period, including concentrated investments in development, customer success, sales and marketing, with continued hiring planned.

In May, Datical was recognized as a Gartner Cool Vendor. As part of that report, Colin Fletcher, Gartner research director for IT operations, noted: “[Datical] can finally break one of the last DevOps bottlenecks: the database…Datical gives database administrators (DBAs) and DevOps teams the ability to simplify and speed database deployment, configuration, change planning and analysis through automation.”

Datical was also recently named to the Database Trends & Applications 100, a list of the companies that matter most in data.

In addition, Datical demonstrated significant product innovation by announcing Datical DB 4.0. The latest version of Datical’s product enables customers to package deployment of database changes alongside application changes with a single click.

“Innovation is key for our customers. They recognize that increasing the speed of application development by eliminating the bottleneck of database change deployment has a huge ROI,” said Derek Hutson, CEO of Datical. “When you deliver significant, proven ROI, rapid growth ensues. We will remain focused on providing exceptional solutions, tremendous value and delighting our customers.”

For a comprehensive look at Datical and its thought leaders in the media, please visit: https://www.datical.com/company/in-the-news/.

About Datical Inc.
Datical’s mission is to radically improve and simplify the application release process by automating database management. Datical solutions deliver the database automation capabilities technology executives need to get the most out of their Agile, DevOps and Continuous Delivery investments. With Datical agile database automation organizations can shorten the time it takes to bring applications to market while eliminating the security vulnerabilities, costly errors, data loss and downtime often associated with current database deployment methods. For more information, visit www.datical.com, call 949-DATICAL or connect via @datical.


Aaron Motsinger, The Dialog Lab for Datical


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