Across the enterprise, database standards and compliance requirements need to be enforced for every change in every change script.

Our Dynamic Rules Engine ensures proposed database code changes are safe and in compliance with your organization’s database standards before they are deployed.

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Automatically enforce DBA rules

The Dynamic Rules Engine automatically inspects proposed database code changes to ensure they are safe and in compliance with your organization’s database standards.

It checks SQL code, making it easy to identify complex changes that warrant further review. DBAs can focus on the most important tasks.

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Improve visibility. Enforce policy. Ensure compliance.

When it comes to approving and managing database changes, every DBA is a little different. Different DBAs make different decisions during the approval process based on their previous experience.

An inconsistent review process creates uncertainty with developers. If the rules aren’t enforced consistently, the same mistakes get made.

Remove uncertainty and empower developers to write safe, compliant changes every time. Automate the review of routine database changes!

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Make breakthroughs, not bottlenecks

Manually reviewing and executing SQL scripts introduces costly delays. The Dynamic Rules Engine gives developers instant feedback with self-service validation that uses the same automated build process established for the application.

If database changes violate rules, developers know instantly. Database changes that pass the rigorous checks are propagated to the target environment immediately. 

Rules are ready out of the box

Liquibase ships a large library out-of-the-box!

  • Checks database changes for basic style (e.g., naming conventions, no prohibited statements such as “GRANT”, etc.)
  • Checks impact of changes on database structure (e.g., tables must have primary key/constraint, all foreign keys have indexes, no circular VIEW logic, etc.)

Plus, teams receive tools to add and customize rules – enabling the capture of ‘tribal knowledge’ and best practices from DBAs that know your database best.

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Database Compliance

Database Compliance in a CI/CD World