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Many companies are making large investments in DevOps tools and processes to accelerate the delivery of capabilities to customers while maintaining quality and optimizing cost. Despite these hefty investments in DevOps, most are finding that the database is a major barrier in realizing true value. Leaving the database out of modern CI/CD processes has created a bottleneck that is slowing down the entire application release pipeline.

What you’ll get

Learn best practices for bringing DevOps to your database deployment process with Dzone’s trusted DevOps for Database Ref Card. This invaluable reference covers all facets of database release automation best practices, including:

  • Migration vs. state-based approaches
  • Tracking database code with application code
  • Defining rules and automated enforcement for performance and security
  • Enabling developers to self-serve with immediate feedback
  • Build once, deploy many
  • Automating the database release
  • Knowing the state of each database
  • Synching the application with the database
Help unlock your team’s true DevOps potential with modern tools and process.