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MedImpact’s value proposition dictates unique and agile views of data to support the reporting and analytics behind their service offerings. In order to provide these views, data objects need to be created and modified quickly and reliably. With over 55 million consumers counting on their services, high availability is crucial. With their team adopting Agile software development methodologies in order to be as responsive as possible to their customers’ needs, MedImpact needed to find a reliable database change and deployment automation solution.

Learn about the journey MedImpact took on their path to database change and deployment automation as told by their Director of IT, Data Management, Database & Middleware, Mabuti Ng’andu.

What to expect

Download this case study to learn more about MedImpact’s journey to database change and deployment automation, including:

  • Why database change and deployment automation is important to MedImpact
  • Challenges MedImpact faced with their old process around database change and deployment
  • How the MedImpact team gathered metrics to get executive buy-in for the investment in a database change solution
  • How MedImpact narrowed down the field of solutions to find the right partner for their database change management needs