Release faster while reducing security risks &
costly manual errors

Our unique approach builds quality into the process early, empowering developers to check their code against predefined, customizable rules set by your organization’s DBAs and security teams before they commit, when it’s much cheaper and easier to fix problems.

database code confidence

Boost database code confidence & compliance

Empower developers to write safe, compliant database code every time by automatically reviewing every line of SQL code for errors and security risks.

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database code confidence

Eliminate the wait

Quality checks provide instant feedback on database code. Developers no longer have to wait for hours or days for a DBA to provide feedback on their work.

eliminate the wait
scale your dba team

Scale your database team

Increase DBA script review output by orders of magnitude while eliminating human error and the drudgery of manual reviews.

How to Use Quality Checks
scale your dba team

Keep your database safe & compliant

Automatically enforce best practices set by your DBAs, including naming conventions, grants & revokes, and rollback scripts.

instant database code feedback
remove the database bottleneck

Remove the database bottleneck

Ensure database change reviews happen earlier in the process. That way, your team isn’t waiting for days or weeks for database updates to be deployed.

remove the database bottleneck

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List of Quality Checks

We gathered input from the Liquibase community and pulled together industry best practices to enable 10 database change quality checks. More checks are coming soon! View our documentation to learn more about using quality checks in Liquibase.

Data IntegrityPrivileges & RolesLiquibase Best Practices
– Check for DROP TABLE– Check for GRANT statements– Changeset must have a label
– Check for DROP COLUMN– Check for REVOKE statements– Changeset must have context
– Check for MODIFY <column>– Changeset must have comments
– Customizable check for SQL pattern
– Customizable check for table column count

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