Evolve your database quickly and reliably.

Liquibase Pro adds support and capabilities that enhance and extend
Liquibase open source features, so you don’t have to slow down for your database.

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Targeted rollbacks

Undo changes you’ve made to your database, either automatically or via custom rollback SQL with the rollback command.

Liquibase Pro targeted rollbacks allow users to roll back a specific change or set of changes without rolling everything else back, saving time and headaches.

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Work with stored logic

Take snapshots and work with stored logic, including more complex SQL queries with native SQL*Plus execution. Snapshots allow you to get a static view of your database at a particular point in time and are useful for reporting and safeguarding your data by comparing databases (performing diffs) to find differences.

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Automatically detect database drift

Detect differences between database schemas and then use the JSON output to set up automated alerts and more. Learn more.

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Real-time monitoring & reporting

See database release information in one place, including an overview of recent commands for the specific database you’re working on in Liquibase Hub.

Liquibase Hub Operations Report

Expert support

Get expert support from the creators of Liquibase! Don’t waste time wading through forums or message boards to find the answer you need. Looking for more help with implementation? We offer upgraded support options.

The features you need

Add and reorder changes

A unique identification scheme makes it easy to manage and reorder database changes.

Track and version database changes

Quickly understand which database changes have been deployed and which have not.

Selectively deploy changes

Add labels and contexts to selectively deploy changes that meet certain criteria.

Multiple script formats

Supports SQL, XML, YAML, and JSON.

Generate SQL scripts

Automatically generate SQL script output for review.

Repeatable migrations

Reliably repeat migrations across platforms. 


Safe for multiple nodes in parallel.


Works with Maven, Gradle, Ant, Jenkins, Spring, and many more.

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