Real-time monitoring for Liquibase database changes is here!

Evolve your database quickly and reliably.

Liquibase Pro adds capabilities that enhance and extend
the base open-source features, so you don’t have to slow down for your database.

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Target specific changes to roll back

Precisely undo one change or an entire set of changes safely and easily. Learn more

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Capture more stored logic

Import, export, or get snapshots of stored logic. Learn more

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Detect database drift

Automatically detect differences between database schemas using JSON output. Learn more.

Expert support

Access expert support so you don’t have to waste time wading through forums or message boards to find the answer you need. Need more help with implementation? We offer upgraded support options.

Even more advanced features

Multiple script formats

Supports SQL, XML, YAML, and JSON.

Generate SQL scripts

Automatically generate SQL script output for review.

Repeatable migrations

Reliably repeat migrations across platforms. 


Safe for multiple nodes in parallel.


Works with Maven, Gradle, Ant, Jenkins, Spring and more.

SQL*Plus integration

Use more complex SQL queries with native SQL Plus execution. Learn more.

Real-time monitoring & reporting

Free access to Liquibase Hub for visibility into your database change process.

Get advanced features for database schema change

Liquibase Pro

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