It’s time to treat database code
like app code.

When the process of introducing application changes is separated from the process of introducing database changes, it’s easy for dependent changes to become out of sync. With the Database Code Packager, teams can check their SQL Scripts into the application’s source code repository creating a complete change package in a single secure location. The Database Code Packager then performs several levels of automated validation during the application build, enabling true database continuous delivery.

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Unify application and database changes

As part of an organization’s existing application build process, Liquibase Enterprise retrieves, validates and labels database changes making it easy to trace changes back to the corresponding application task or business requirement. The result is a complete package of application and database changes that can be easily promoted to or removed from an environment enabling end to end database continuous deployment.

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Improve error handling

Bringing continuous delivery to database changes isn’t easy. When organizations rely on manual or direct execution of SQL scripts in early stage development, integration and test environments fixing script errors become firefights. Until someone reviews the errors, fixes the issue or unwinds the changes made to the database to get it back to the last known good state, applications are stuck and continuous delivery grinds to a halt.

Prevent this costly waiting game by automatically reverting the database environment to its last known good state. Liquibase Enterprise provides detailed information about any failure during the database continuous delivery process to help achieve quick resolutions.

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Develop, branch, and merge database code

Liquibase integrates with source code control repositories so development teams can take advantage of the same branching and merging strategies established for their application code when managing their database changes.

Liquibase automatically ensures merged changes are available and promoted along with the application features they support. Take it one step further with database change management tools and forecast the impact of changes before they are ever deployed.

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