More Platforms and More Databases: Announcing Our New Release

June 18, 2019
More Platforms and More Databases: Announcing Our New Release

This post was updated August 5, 2019 to reflect that our release is now generally available. 

We’re excited to announce our Liquibase Enterprise 2019.2.2 release, which provides support for multiple flavors of PostgreSQL (in the cloud and on-premise) as well as support for Amazon RDS Oracle. Read on to find out what’s new.

Companies of all shapes and sizes need support for both new apps built in the cloud as well as legacy apps that need to move to the cloud. A critical part of every cloud strategy is managing database changes. We aim to make database changes and deployments much faster and safer for every situation.

Support for PostgreSQL

Everyone loves PostgreSQL. Postgres is consistently on the most loved and most wanted database list. We couldn’t be more pleased to add support for multiple flavors of PostgreSQL with this release, including:

Read more details about our PostgreSQL support in our blog: Supporting PostgreSQL Database Releases On-Premise and in the Cloud

Support for AWS

You’ll notice that there are a couple of mentions of Amazon in the Postgres list above. That’s because we’ve expanded our platform support to include AWS. This includes support for Amazon RDS Oracle. So, our list of AWS support now includes:

Full Oracle OID/LDAP Connection Support

As a part of this release, we’ve also expanded and enhanced connection support to Oracle databases. Full Oracle OID/LDAP connection support better enables large scale rollouts of Datical regardless of where the databases reside.

We’re looking forward to adding even more database types and platform support in the future.

Read the press release announcing our 2019.2.2 release.