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Understanding Liquibase Supported and Certified Databases

As an open-source and community-led organization, we define three levels of support for databases:

  • Community supported databases
    Databases that are supported via community-created extensions that have not been officially tested or verified. All bugs and enhancements are driven by the community.
  • Community tested databases
    Databases that have been created by the community and have passed basic functional tests. The Liquibase team verifies that the databases passed testing via a community-submitted log.
  • Liquibase certified databases
    Officially supported and certified databases that have passed rigorous function and integration testing

Community Supported Databases

As soon as a member of the community creates a database-specific extension, we consider the database to be community-supported.

Sometimes a database extension implements the full range of Liquibase commands and database objects. Many times it’s a partial implementation that provides support for the most common commands and objects.

In many cases, the community and Liquibase work together to continue to enhance the database extensions over time — continuing to build out additional features when needed.

Bug fixes and enhancements for community-supported databases are made by the community. The Liquibase team helps direct the process by publishing a list of reported bugs and enhancement requests to the community so people know where they can help improve an extension.

Community Tested Databases

Community tests follow a defined test plan:

  • Liquibase or someone in the community runs the Community Test Plan. (A simplified test that anyone can perform.)
  • The tester submits the test results (a log file) to the Liquibase Community team.
  • The Liquibase team reviews the results and updates the database platform/version with a Community Tested label.

Liquibase Certified Databases

Liquibase certification follows a defined test plan:

  • The Liquibase QA team runs a full-featured Liquibase Test Plan that provides deeper validation of Liquibase commands and database object support.
  • The Liquibase team reviews the results and updates the database platform/version with a Liquibase Certified label.

Once a database/version is tested, we’ll update the information on each database-specific page. To see a full breakdown of Liquibase commands, features, and database object support available for each database type, select your database from our Supported Databases page.