Below are some basic usage guidelines and different versions of our logo for you to use. Note that LIQUIBASE and the Liquibase logo are registered trademarks of Liquibase Inc.

Basic guidelines


  • The logo should primarily be used in it’s full-color Liquibase Blue format when the background color is white.
  • If the background color is dark or black, an all-white version of the logo is available.
  • Likewise, if the logo can only be used in black and white, an all-black version of the logo is available.


  • To maintain the integrity of the Liquibase identity, keep a fixed amount of open space around the entire logo to help it stand out.
  • An appropriate clearspace for the logo is equal to half the height of the Liquibase logo and proportional to the size of the logo being used.

The Liquibase logo should be no smaller than: 1 in. or 100 px. wide.

Liquibase Logos

Liquibase logo vertical blue

Liquibase logo horizontal blue