Real-time monitoring for Liquibase database changes is here

November 17, 2020
Real-time monitoring for Liquibase database changes is here

We’re excited to announce that Liquibase Hub is now generally available! Sign up for your free account.

What is Liquibase Hub?

Liquibase Hub is a secure portal that provides real-time monitoring so Liquibase users can organize, monitor, and view reports to gain insight into their database change and deployment processes.

Why do you need Liquibase Hub?

Because you want to know stuff and you can’t improve without data!

  • View database release information in one place for change that occur throughout your organization.
  • Get real-time information about your deployments.
  • Get real-time information about recent commands for the database you’re working with.
  • Quickly understand which changes have been made by your teammates and when in each environment.

Also, it’s free. And SaaS apps are cool.

Get started with Hub

Here’s a quick overview of the steps to connect your Liquibase changelogs to Hub:

Step 1: Create an account.

Step 2: Copy your API key
Once you’re in your Hub account, go to Settings > API Keys. Copy the API key and add it to your or Maven POM file. See Documentation for detailed instructions.

Step 3: Run registerChangeLog
This new command connects an XML or formatted SQL changelog to your Hub project. (YAML & JSON coming soon!)

Step 4: Make database changes
Make database changes like you normally do. You’ll see the data show up in your Hub project.

Sharing with teammates

One of the most important benefits of using Hub is sharing data with your team. Here’s how to start sharing in Hub.

  1. Go to the Members section of your Organization.
  2. Select Invite a New Member and enter their address.

They’ll receive an invite to view everything in the project: changelogs and their changesets, connections, and operation reports (data sent from Liquibase when it performs commands on a registered changelog).

More to come!

There’s a lot more in the works for Hub! We’ll be making many improvements in the coming weeks. We’ve already started making usability improvements and adding more functionality that users are asking for.

If you see something you’d like to improve or if you have an idea for an enhancement, let us know! You can give us your feedback in many ways.

  1. Use the Feedback button within Hub.
  2. Take our survey (via the link at the top right of Hub).
  3. Tell us on the Liquibase forum or on Discord chat.
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