Liquibase Hub — Real-time monitoring for Liquibase database changes

June 18, 2020
Liquibase Hub — Real-time monitoring for Liquibase database changes

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could easily understand the when and where of what’s been deployed or hasn’t been deployed in one simple dashboard? The goal of Liquibase Hub is to give your team free, centralized API-driven visibility into your database change and deployment efforts. 

Know more sooner

Get more information, quickly. We want Liquibase Hub to make it ridiculously easy to organize, monitor, and visualize your Liquibase activity. We think it’ll be important for you to view your data in multiple contexts. Here are some examples of what we mean:

  • Track updates and rollbacks across database connections and changelogs
  • View which database connections a changelog has been applied to 
  • Determine which changesets have been run on a single database
  • See the differences between two databases
  • See individual database connection information, such as
    • Which changelogs have been used to update a database connection?
    • Which operations are associated with the database connection?
  • Get a comparative status view across several databases within a project or pipeline

Get organized

If you have a lot of changelogs and connections, it’ll be helpful to you to take advantage of organizing your connections and changelogs into different projects. 

Projects provide an easy way to view the information in the context of the changelog and database connections you use in specific development efforts like sprints, releases, or services.

Understand where you’re performing well (and where you can improve)

Liquibase Hub will automatically gather key information across all of your projects, connections, and changelogs so that you can version, apply, and track database change at any scale.

You’ll have measurements and insight via an activity monitoring dashboard that gives you a generalized view of how you’re doing and lets you quickly identify the highs and lows so you can improve your teams and processes.

We want your input!

In order to make this the most useful tool possible, we’d like your input! Sign up for early access and information about Liquibase Hub and you’ll be one of the first to try it out and shape the future of this really exciting project. 

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Article author
Pete Pickerill Co-Founder & Head of Product Experience