Datical Presents GE Transportation, Webinar on Revitalizing Legacy Applications

January 26, 2016

Austin, Texas – January 26, 2016 – Datical, the leading provider of agile database automation solutions, is sponsoring a webinar featuring GE Transportation and hosted by Editor-in-Chief Alan Shimel on Thursday, January 28. During the presentation, GE Transportation Data Architect Chris Lawther will discuss how GE Transportation used Agile, DevOps and automation tools to update its portfolio of applications to respond to today’s continuous delivery market.

The webinar, titled “Reinventing Legacy Applications to Respond to a Fast Pace World,” will also explore the ways GE Transportation uses automation tools to maintain business-critical applications and continually address customer needs. Time will be allotted for an open Q&A session toward the conclusion of the webinar.

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Alan Shimel, Editor-in-Chief, (host)

Chris Lawther, Data Architect, GE Transportation

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