The cloud has changed database management forever. It’s much easier to spin up new environments and allows teams to move fast — but there’s a catch. All of these new cloud instances mean your team has additional databases to manage. It’s critical (yet much harder) to keep your database changes in sync.

Liquibase automates database reviews & updates so your team can release faster and safer.

Liquibase supports a wide range of databases — including AWS databases — so you can easily manage thousands of cloud database changes safely as you scale on AWS.

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Bring database changes into your AWS CI/CD pipeline

Liquibase integrates with application build and deploy tools like AWS CodeStar for CI/CD on AWS and automates the deployment of database changes in-line with related application changes.

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Eliminate risky manual database reviews & rework

Liquibase automates database change validation against your organizational DBA standards to greatly reduces errors. Instant feedback enables your team to deliver safely with greater speed and agility.

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Greater visibility & simple auditing

Provide visibility and auditing capabilities to all key stakeholders to ensure your databases are safe and compliant.

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Using Liquibase with AWS CodePipeline & CodeBuild via AWS CloudFormation

See an example of how Liquibase integrates with your existing AWS infrastructure.

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